For release on June 14, 2019

Marisa McKeown 
Supervising Deputy District Attorney
Crime Strategies Unit 
(408) 792-2608


Sexual assaults rose last year in Santa Clara County, according to a 23-page report released today by the District Attorney’s Office, although some of the increase may be attributed to an increase in reporting.

Sexual assaults are often under-reported.

“These statistics are an invaluable tool in our efforts to prevent sexual assault and other violent crimes,” District Attorney Jeff Rosen said. “We are ever hopeful that more survivors will come forward to let their powerful voices be heard and to help us protect our community.’’

The report notes that in San Jose, there was an increase from 571 reported rapes in 2017 to 615 last year, continuing a trend that began in 2014. However, that was the year that a new definition took effect that widely broadened the types of cases counted. Some of the increase may be caused by survivors coming forward, inspired by changes in societal attitudes and increased attention to sexual assaults.

The CSU’s annual report was first released by the DA’s Office in 2017. Several identified trends seem to have continued – including a spike in juvenile and gun crimes. The report documents law enforcement officials’ responses to the uptick including energized efforts to enforce existing weapons laws and bolstering ballistics-analysis systems.

Under the Gun-Related Intelligence Program, DA criminalists and law enforcement agencies in 2017 identified and investigated 115 gun cases in which a single weapon was used in more than one crime. With more criminalists added to the team by the County Board of Supervisors, GRIP cases in 2018 increased to 251.

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