Amy Cornell, Public Information Officer   CONTACT PERSON:
Cindy Seeley Hendrickson, Deputy District Attorney
(408) 201-0535   For release on April 21, 2009   ARREST OF “NO FACE BANDIT” SOLVES SEVEN SANTA CLARA COUNTY BANK ROBBERIES   Gilroy police officers arrested 49-year old Peter Klein, of Prunedale on March 27th, after he robbed the Chase Bank in Gilroy and stole over $35,000.00.  During the robbery, Klein ordered all of the bank employees and customers to the ground at gunpoint.  He ordered each teller to give him money and threatened to shoot them if they didn’t hurry.  Officers caught up with Klein a short distance away from the bank, driving a vehicle with stolen plates.    Officers determined that Klein matched the description of the “No Face Bandit” that was suspected of robbing eleven banks in two counties, including seven in Santa Clara County, between December 2007 and January 2009.  The stolen plates on Klein’s vehicle, the clothing in the defendant’s vehicle, and evidence found at Klein’s home tie Klein to the following additional Santa Clara County bank robberies:  Union Bank of California (Gilroy, 12/5/07), Comerica Bank (Saratoga, 12/11/07), Wells Fargo Bank (Los Gatos, 12/19/07), Bank of the West (Gilroy, 3/14/08), Bank of the West (Gilroy, 5/23/08), and Comerica Bank (Saratoga, 1/15/09).  Klein is also a suspect in four Santa Cruz County bank robberies committed between March 2008 and December 2008.  The eleven bank robberies netted Klein over $400,000.00.   Klein’s wife told authorities that Klein had lost his job as vice president of Monterey Pasta Company about two years ago, and she believed he had been working part-time since then.  Just prior to his March arrest, Klein had told her that he had just received a well-paying “consulting job.” The couple had plans to travel to China the week after his arrest.    Klein was arraigned on April 2nd on ten counts arising out of the March 2009 bank robbery at the Chase Bank in Gilroy, and the March 2008 bank robbery at the Bank of the West in Gilroy.  Today, Klein was also charged with five additional Santa Clara County bank robberies. This brings the total number of counts against him to 27, including multiple charges of false imprisonment.  Klein will be back in court this afternoon at 1:30pm for plea entry. If convicted, Klein faces a maximum of 27 years 4 months in state prison.    ###  

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