Karyn Sinunu, Assistant District Attorney   CONTACT PERSONS:
Charles Constantinides, Deputy District Attorney
Homicide Unit
(408) 792-2589   Karyn Sinunu, Assistant District Attorney
(408) 792-2702   For release on September 9, 2004     CASE OF 1991 HOMICIDE CONCLUDES   Today Mark Swanson pleaded guilty to several charges stemming from his involvement in the killing of Lisa Hopewell in January 1991.  He will be sentenced on October 12, 2004.   Swanson was indicted for the homicide in July 2003 after Rick Walker was declared factually innocent of the crime and released from prison.   Swanson pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter, kidnapping, residential robbery, and first degree robbery.  He will receive a sentence of 15 years, four months and will also waive his right to receive credit for time served in local custody since he was indicted.   In a statement made during the proceedings, Swanson admitted his own participation in Hopewell’s death and also made it clear that Walker was in no way involved in the homicide.   # # #

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