For release on June 28, 2016  CONTACT PERSON: Sean Webby, Public Communications Officer (408) 792-2997     DA MAKES STATEMENT AFTER COMMITTEE APPROVES LAW INSPIRED BY BROCK TURNER CASE   Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen has released a statement after the State Senate's Public Safety Committee today approved AB 2888.
The bill, if signed into law, would mandate that those convicted of sexually assaulting unconscious or severely intoxicated victims would be sentenced to prison. The proposed law was inspired by the Brock Turner Sexual Assault Case.
“I am so grateful to the members of the Public Safety Committee for bringing us closer to protecting the next Emily Doe against the next Brock Turner. They not only read Emily Doe’s now famous letter, but they clearly understood it as cry for change.  Now I urge the rest of our state legislators to join us. AB 2888 will help us hold accountable sexual offenders who stalk unnoticed within our state’s college campuses, unnoticed because they don’t fit some people’s image of a predator. Instead of brandishing knives or threats, these predators use vodka or beer. They use the cover of the outdated, offensive perception that campus sexual assaults are simply youthful, drunken indiscretions. Violating an unconscious woman is never an indiscretion.  It is a violent, predatory, and deeply destructive crime. It should be treated as such.  A natural consequence of drinking too much is a hangover, not a sexual assault.”   # # # ​

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