For release on February 25, 2016   CONTACT:
Sean Webby
Public Communications Officer
(408) 792-2997   DA PRAISES PUBLIC SERVANTS WHO “GOT AFTER” JUSTICE; GIVES ANNUAL AWARDS   A prosecutor who won a ground-breaking case against construction company officials whose criminal negligence lead to the cave-in death of a laborer in Milpitas. An investigator who spearheaded an unprecedented operation against more than 30 corrupt bail agents, owners, and employees. A Gilroy man who steadfastly testified, year after year, against the men who had brutally tortured and robbed him.   These are some of the 2015 winners of the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Annual Awards. They recognize outstanding work by the Office’s prosecutors, investigators, criminalists, paralegals, and support staff. The Office also recognizes a courageous crime victim.
District Attorney Jeff Rosen said: “There are many ways to vigorously pursue justice, to get after it. Holding guilty defendants accountable, is getting after it. Exonerating innocent individuals, is getting after it. Helping crime victims put their lives back together, is getting after it. However, justice in all its forms does not happen, without vigorous pursuit, without getting after it.”   DA Rosen also gave a “State of the Office” speech singling out other notable efforts, including the child abduction unit that recovered 32 children, a prosecutor who reviewed 5,600 citations, and a gang prosecutor whose intuition and hard work led to the release of a man from jail.
Here is a complete list of the 2015 Annual Award winners:   • The Courage Award: Gary Wise
• Napoleon J. Menard Award for Felony Trial Advocacy: Deputy District Attorney Bud Porter
• Robert L. Webb Award for Misdemeanor Trial Advocacy: Deputy District Attorney Joanna Lee
• Clayton L. Haupert Excellence Award for a Non-Trial Attorney: Deputy District Attorney Aaron West
• Lowell W. Bradford Achievement of Excellence Award for Crime Lab Division: Criminalist Mark Burry
• Robert Drexel Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Investigations Unit: Investigator Al Corona
• Paralegal Excellence Award: Senior Paralegal Philip Charlebois
• Legal Support Award of Excellence: Lead Legal Secretary Dina Garcia   # # #    

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