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A boyfriend shot his girlfriend to death on Valentine’s Day. An elderly man whose two-decade marriage was ending killed his wife and then attacked police with a knife, committing “blue suicide.” A man stabbed his wife to death near the horrified patrons of a popular San Jose sandwich shop. These were three of Santa Clara County’s nine domestic violence homicides in 2013.

Every year, the Santa Clara County Domestic Violence Death Review Team compiles and publicly releases its report on these tragic deaths. The statistics, included along with this release, are intended to give insight into the crime and help law enforcement, victim advocates and the public to continue to seek ways to stop it.

This year, the report will be officially presented by District Attorney Jeff Rosen and other Domestic Violence dignitaries at 2 p.m. on Thursday, February 13 at the Mexican Heritage Plaza, 1700 Alum Rock Ave., San Jose. D.A. Rosen invites the media to come and help us spread the word on the impact of this devastating crime, inspire victims and witnesses to report it, and to educate the public about prevention.

“People often do not report domestic violence out of fear: fear of further violence, of recrimination, of immigration consequences, of being alone,” District Attorney Rosen said. “We are here to say that you are not alone. The District Attorney’s Office, your local law enforcement agency, the advocates will stand by you and your children. We are all here to help you find justice, safety and peace.

” Domestic Violence cuts across all ethnic lines. This year, the location was chosen to emphasize that six of the nine homicides had Latina victims. Some domestic violence victims are hesitant to come forward, for fear of deportation. This fear is unfounded. The District Attorney’s Office treats all domestic violence victims as crime victims, regardless of immigration status. Prosecutors will neither ask about nor report an undocumented status of a domestic violence victim.

The report also focuses on:

  • The catastrophic impact domestic violence has on children. Ten children lost their mothers this year to intimate partner homicides.
  • What we can do to combat domestic violence. Measures include contacting victim advocacy agencies, creating safety plans and seeking help for those who may be violent.
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