FROM: Amy Cornell, Public Information Officer   CONTACT: Amy Cornell, Public Information Officer (408) 792-2997 For release on May 23, 2008   DEFENDANT ORDERED TO PAY VICTIM THOUSANDS IN ADDITIONAL RESTITUTION DUE TO SEVERE DUI CRASH RELATED INJURIES   Pamm Hagopian was recently awarded more than $514,000 dollars in additional restitution after the court determined she will most likely remain disabled throughout her life as a result of injuries sustained during a motorcycle crash several years ago. The crash was caused by Thomas Crail, who was driving under the influence of alcohol at the time. The court ordered Mr. Crail to pay Mrs. Hagopian more than $119,000 in restitution costs in December 2003. The additional restitution amount includes losses suffered since the original award and projected out to Mrs. Hagopian’s normal retirement period in January 2013. This figure includes over $338,000 in lost wages, over $109,000 in medical costs and another $66,000 in legal costs.   The crash happened in July 2002, when Mrs. Hagopian, her husband, and Mr. Crail were participating in a group motorcycle ride. Mr. Crail attempted to pass the Hagopians as they rode their motorcycle near Gavilan College in Gilroy.  Instead, he clipped their handlebars, causing the driver, Mr. Hagopian, to lose control and crash. Mr. Crail was found to have a blood alcohol level of .13 at the time of the crash.   Mrs. Hagopian suffered many injuries, including a shattered left shoulder, several broken bones in her left foot, a cracked pelvis, a concussion and a severe injury to her left elbow requiring the use of pins and wires to reconstruct it. She has had multiple surgeries and extensive physical therapy, but she is no longer able to work as a result of her injuries.   ###

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