Stephen Gibbons, Assistant District Attorney   CONTACT PERSON:
Dale B. Lohman, Deputy District Attorney
Major Fraud Unit
(408) 792-2599    For release on January 6, 2006     DEFENDANT SENTENCED TO EIGHT YEARS PRISON IN PROBATE AND REAL ESTATE FRAUD CASE   Ludwig F. Hurtado, 29, of Hayward was sentenced today to eight years in state prison and ordered to pay approximately $380,000 in restitution for four felony counts that included residential burglary, perjury and grand theft.    According to the charges, Hurtado defrauded a San Jose widow out of the home that she had lived in with her husband for many years by arranging an estate sale of the home based on a fraudulent appraisal that understated the home’s value. This allowed Hurtado’s father to acquire the property at less than the fair market value. At the time of this transaction Hurtado was the administrator of the widow’s late husband’s estate.   Hurtado also misappropriated more than $260,000 from another estate he was administering by illegally using estate funds to purchase items such as real property and a $45,000 Hummer vehicle for his own personal benefit.     In yet another incident, Hurtado fraudulently took title to real property in his own name under the guise of helping a couple prevent the imminent foreclosure of their home.          # # #  

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