Karyn Sinunu, Assistant District Attorney   CONTACT PERSON:
Dana Overstreet, Deputy District Attorney
Major Case Unit
(408) 792-2786   For Release on July 23, 2003   DISTRICT ATTORNEY FILES CHARGES RELATED TO SAN JOSE POLICE DEPARTMENT SHOOTING ON JULY 11, 2003   The Santa Clara County District Attorney filed charges today against 48-year-old Mark Douglas Beswetherick of San Jose resulting from his July 11, 2003 attempt to murder a local 7-11 clerk which culminated in a police shooting leaving Beswetherick seriously injured.  The video surveillance tape recovered from the store security camera captured most of what occurred up to and including shots being fired by San Jose police.   Attempted Murder.  Beswetherick had been in the store shortly before midnight on July 10, 2003 when he was told to leave by the clerk, Pritpal Singh.  Beswetherick left the store; he returned shortly after 1 a.m. with a 9 mm semi-automatic handgun; he removed the weapon from his pocket; and he pointed it directly at Singh's head as he pulled the trigger.  The gun did not fire and Beswethrick made two more unsuccessful attempts to kill Singh inside the store before Singh was able to run from the store.   Assault with a Firearm.  Singh immediately yelled for help indicating a man inside had a gun.  A bystander, who recognized Singh as his local 7-11 clerk, came to his aide and as he stood across the street from the store with Singh, saw Beswethrick run out the of 7-11 with the gun pointed at Singh and him.   Exhibiting a Firearm at a Peace Office in a Threatening Manner.  By the time the first two responding San Jose officers had arrived on the scene, Beswethrick had retreated back into the 7-11 store.  Beswethrick came out of the 7-11 with his gun pointed directly at one of the two officers and failed to comply with police demands to drop his gun. Beswethrick was shot twice by the officers.    

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