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Jeffrey F. Rosen, District Attorney
(408) 299-3099   For release on March 28, 2011     DISTRICT ATTORNEY JEFF ROSEN HELD THE “STATE OF THE OFFICE” ADDRESS AND THE 2010 AWARDS RECIPIENTS CEREMONY   District Attorney Jeff Rosen held his “State of the Office” address and the 2010 Awards Recipient Ceremony on Tuesday, March 15th at 3:00 p.m.   District Attorney Rosen stated in his address, it is an honor and privilege to serve as your District Attorney. He stated the Office has had difficult times in the last several years. We, every single member of the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office, serve a vital and integral role in bringing justice and safety to our community.   Our Office has four core values that drive every policy and prosecution that we undertake on behalf of the People of Santa Clara County.  
  • Service. All of us are dedicated public servants.
  • Hard Work. We are expected to work hard.
  • Transparency. We will tell the public about our efforts on their behalf. Our mission is to do what is right. We pursue the Public’s interest, the People’s interest.
  • Integrity. We hold ourselves to a high moral standard. We will vigorously pursue justice in a way that is fair and treats everyone equally and with respect. We will protect defendants’ right, even if we justly prosecute them. We will be honest about the good work our Office does. We will also be honest about ways in which we have fallen short, even as we seek to do better.
Our office has and will reflect the excellence and diversity of this amazing place known as Silicon Valley. We know that times are tough and our economy is fragile. However, our duty is to seek justice continues even when resources are strained. Justice is the paramount value. The awards presentation to the 2010 recipients immediately followed the “State of Office” address.

2010 AWARDS RECIPIENTS ARE AS FOLLOWS:   Crime Lab Lowell W. Bradford Achievement of Excellence Award went to Criminalist Ed Peterson. Ed is a criminalist who is our Firearms Examiner. His career began with the Laboratory of Criminalistics in 1972. Ed began his training under Lowell Bradford as a Trainee Criminalist. He worked for the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department Crime Laboratory where he worked in Firearms, Tool Mark Examinations, Trace Evidence, Serology and Controlled Substance Analysis. Ed has also worked for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) for 11 years. He returned in 1989 to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office Crime lab. Ed has provided invaluable training to students at San Jose State University, deputy district attorney’s, public defenders, agencies, crime lab staff and other Crime Labs. He has served as a Firearms Technical Consultant to the California Legislature. Ed also contributes to the community of San Jose by presenting at the Willow Glen High School career day each year and is the Secretary of the Santa Clara County Moscow-Commission.   Legal Support Award of Excellence went to Legal Clerk Denise Crittenden. Denise is a Legal Clerk on the Complaint Unit serving as a lead over 9 justice clerks. In 2010, the Complaint Unit prepared over 15,000 complaints for filing with the court. One of the most challenging aspects of her job is meeting the strict timelines for the “last day” in-custody complaints. She trains other staff members in the unit and assists others in the office. Denise has been an employee with the office for over 20 years. She is known for her quiet and kind demeanor. Denise consistently produces high quality legal documents and pays close attention to details.   Robert Drexell Award for Outstanding Achievement went to Investigator Dennis Brookins. Dennis is currently assigned to the Elder and Dependant Adult Financial Abuse Unit. This unit protects society’s most vulnerable citizens from individuals and crime groups. Due to his passion and dedication to his work and to the victims, Dennis has developed an outstanding reputation among law enforcement agencies and county partners. Detectives throughout the Bay Area frequently solicit his expertise when faced with often complex and sensitive investigations. Dennis tirelessly assists other agencies in conducting welfare checks on “at risk” victims in an attempt to protect them from forgery, grand theft, embezzlement, identity theft, real estate and mortgage fraud.   Paralegal Excellence Award went to Senior Paralegals Jackie Bodaghi and Atorina Khangaldi. These two paralegals assisted in the SART Video Discovery Project. Valley Medical Center identified approximately 3,300 SART videotaped exams going as far back as 1991. They created a spreadsheet as a tracking tool. Jackie and Atorina have demonstrated resourcefulness, thoroughness, diligence, professionalism, independence, and integrity in the handling of this sensitive and massive project.   Robert L. Webb Award for Misdemeanor Trial Advocacy went to Deputy District Attorney Deborah Hernandez. Debbie is both a rookie and a veteran. Her self-described objective is to seek and ensure justice with credibility, intelligence and diligence. She has won 11 misdemeanor trials since being hired as a deputy district attorney last year. This prosecutor makes sure that defendants receive effective representation by diligently providing discovery. Debbie volunteers to assist others when her cases have settled and when she is working on her own case load. In 2001, Debbie began working for the office as a paralegal, promoted to senior paralegal and then, lead paralegal with the office. In 2006, she won the Paralegal Excellence Award. While working full time in this position, she attended law school at Santa Clara University and graduated in 2009.   Clayton L. Haupert Excellence Award for Non-Trial Advocacy went to Deputy District Attorney Michael Louie. Mike has served on the Motions Unit for over three (3) years. Mike carefully analyzes the issues before starting the research and writing of his motions. He is proficient at legal research and writing. Mike has handled the routine motions up to the complex post-conviction matters. Mike is always prepared. He regularly fields questions from attorney staff and law enforcement agencies. He is a recognized expert in search and seizure law and narcotics cases. Mike is the ultimate public servant. He wants to help our Office and the police to provide the best service possible to the community.   Dave Peery Award went to Deputy District Attorney Julianne Sylva. The Child Abduction Committee of the California District Attorney’s Association (CDAA) believed the time was long overdue to recognize individuals who have made significant and long-lasting contributions at a statewide level in the work of recovering abducted children. The Committee then created the Dave Peery Award and unanimously agreed to honor Julianne Sylva. This award is named after former Kern County District Attorney Investigator Dave Peery, who worked tirelessly to recover and return an untold number of children from other states and countries. Dave Perry succumbed to cancer last year. Julianne has a passion for recovering abducted children. For several years, Julianne shared her time, energy and expertise with child abduction staff at a state and national level. At the request of the Attorney General’s Office, Julianne has also instructed attorneys, Judges and investigators from Mexico about California child abduction laws. This instruction was provided in both Spanish and English. Julianne was an instructor for Fox Valley Technical College and is a former member and Chairperson of the Governor’s Child Abduction Task Force.   Napoleon J. Menard Award for Trial Advocacy went to Deputy District Attorney Matthew Braker. Matt has a tremendous work ethic and commitment to justice. This prosecutor has superior skills and knowledge of criminal procedure and the rules of evidence. This prosecutor worked tenaciously to convince a jury to return a death verdict on a defendant who murdered his entire family, by brutally stabbing to death his pregnant girlfriend, and their two young daughters. After stabbing them all to death, he then set the house on fire, stood outside smoking a cigarette while watching the house burn. We are proud of these accomplishments which have brought justice and safety to our community. Matt also contributes to the legal community by being a member of the Santa Clara County Board of Trustees and the Santa Clara County Workplace Violence Committee. He has been particularly dedicated to protecting the rights of children and women. Matt has achieved remarkable results in the courtroom quietly, without fanfare or self-promotion.   # # #   

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