KARYN SINUNU, Assistant District Attorney

David Pandori, Deputy District Attorney
(408) 735-0981   For Immediate Release on May 31, 2002     ​Guilty Verdicts Against High-Tech Engineer Who Helped Open a Los Gatos Hair Salon for Prostitution   John Joseph Kirby, a Silicon Valley high-tech engineer, was found guilty of two counts of conspiracy to pimp and pander. In July, 1999 Kirby loaned money to his girl friend/prostitute, Julie Truong, knowing that she intended to use the money to open a Los Gatos hair salon as a front for prostitution. The business, Hair Vision, located at 418 North Santa Cruz Avenue in Los Gatos, has been closed since the arrest of Truong in July, 2000.   Truong pleaded guilty to pimping on October 22, 2001. She was sentenced on November 20, 2001 to three years state prison. Another woman, Diana Ngo, pleaded guilty to prostitution in April 22, 2002.   Police Officers working through the Santa Clara County Enforcement Team conducted an undercover operation of the business in July, 2000, which culminated in the arrest of Julie Truong, Diana Ngo and John Kirby. Officers gathered evidence that the business was used for prostitution.   Sentencing is scheduled for July 26, 2002 in Department 35 before the Honorable Ronald Lisk, Superior Court Judge.   ###

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