Stephen P. Gibbons, Assistant District Attorney   CONTACT PERSON:
Yen B. Dang, Deputy District Attorney
Consumer Protection Unit
(408) 792-2818   For Release on April 30, 2003   IMMIGRATION CONSULTANT ARRESTED ON THEFT CHARGES   Olga Elvira Pardo, also known as Angelina Farfan, of San Jose, age 38, has been arrested and charged with seven counts of grand theft.  Ms. Pardo-Farfan illegally offered to invest money for acquaintances and to assist Spanish-speaking victims in obtaining legal immigration.  She collected over $72,000 from seven victims, but never invested the money or provided the promised services.   Ms. Pardo-Farfan gained the confidence of her victims by falsely representing she had contacts within various public agencies.  She falsely represented to victims that she would invest their money profitably, and assist them in securing government contracts and legal immigration.  Pardo-Farfan falsely described herself to some victims as an attorney with the City of San Jose and an administrator with the County of Santa Clara to others.   In one instance, a victim gave Pardo-Farfan $10,000 to invest in an international stock account for the victim’s nephews’ college fund.  The funds were never invested and Pardo-Farfan refused to account for the funds to the victim.  Ms. Pardo-Farfan systematically collected cash payments from victims.  When victims questioned Pardo-Farfan about the status of their money, investments or legal matters, she assured them their matters were in process, or had been delayed by government agencies.  The investigation revealed Pardo-Farfan had not done what she represented and simply pocketed the victim’s money.   As a result of the charges, Ms. Pardo-Farfan faces up to eight years in prison.   If you believe that you are a victim of Olga Elvira Pardo or Angelina Farfan, please contact San Jose Police Officer Jennifer Dotzler at (408) 277-4521.    

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