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Kenneth Rosenblatt, Deputy District Attorney
Environmental Protection Unit
(408) 792-2572   For release on August 25, 2006      JIFFY LUBE INTERNATIONAL PAYS $35,000 FOR REPEATED VIOLATIONS OF ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATIONS   Santa Clara County District Attorney George Kennedy today announced that his office settled a civil lawsuit against Jiffy Lube International, the largest oil changing service company in Santa Clara County.    The complaint filed alleges that in June 2005 inspectors from the County Department of Environmental Health, Hazardous Materials Compliance Division (HMCD), inspected a Jiffy Lube oil changing store at 4201 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, in response to a customer complaint. Inspectors observed spilled oil and shop towels saturated with used oil. These items had not been treated as hazardous waste and were disposed of improperly. Inspectors also found that employees were mopping up oil and anti-freeze spills daily and disposing of this hazardous waste by pouring the contaminated mop water down the sink in an employee restroom, which flowed directly into the sanitary sewer instead of into a holding tank.   Jiffy Lube International was the subject of a previous enforcement action by the District Attorney in 2004 for violations of environmental regulations at various stores in Santa Clara County, and Jiffy Lube was then required to take remedial actions to ensure compliance with applicable regulations. Although the current violations were confined to a single store, and Jiffy Lube International cooperated in this investigation, the violations represent a step backward in environmental compliance by the company.   Jiffy Lube International admitted two violations of Health and Safety Code section 25189(d) (negligent disposal of any hazardous or extremely hazardous waste). The company will pay $35,795 in civil penalties, investigative costs, and filing fees. The previous injunction requiring them to comply with environmental regulations remains in force.   This case was investigated by HMCD. The Environmental Protection Unit of the District Attorney’s Office prosecuted the case.   # # #  

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