Karyn Sinunu, Assistant District Attorney  CONTACT PERSON:
Paul Colin, Deputy District Attorney
Real Estate Fraud Unit
(408) 792-2576   For release on June 28, 2004     LOS GATOS REAL ESTATE AGENT ARRESTED FOR FORGING SIGNATURE OF COUNTY PLANNING OFFICIAL   Los Gatos real estate agent Eloise Gilbert, 69, was arrested on Monday, June 28, 2004 for two counts of forgery and one count of attempted grand theft. The charges allege that she forged a letter from the Santa Clara County Planning Office so that she could get a $45,000 loan. The letter showed the false signature of a county planner and falsely stated that Ms. Gilbert’s property in Redwood Estates was "a buildable parcel of land." It is also alleged that she forged her ex-husband’s signature on a deed that made her sole owner of the property. The events happened between November 2003 and February 2004.   On February 11, 2004, Carolyn Walsh, the County’s Principal Planner contacted the District Attorney’s Office to report that her office had received a copy of the fake letter. It had been sent to her office by the person who was being asked to lend Ms. Gilbert $45,000. The potential lender was questioning whether the property really was large enough to be " buildable" and therefore justify the loan. The D.A.’s investigation found evidence indicating that Ms. Gilbert had provided that letter to her loan broker.   If convicted, she faces a sentence ranging from probation to a potential maximum of three years and eight months in state prison.   ###

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