Nick Muyo, Public Information Officer
408-792-2826   For release on June 10, 2010     LUTHER BURBANK SCHOOL DISTRICT BOARD MEMBER ANTONIO PEREZ CHARGED WITH VIOLATING FINANCIAL CONFLICT OF INTEREST LAWS   As a result of an investigation by the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office, Antonio Perez (43 years) of San Jose, California, a member of the Luther Burbank School District Board of Trustees, was charged with five felony violations of Government Code Section 1090, having a financial interest in a contract made by him in his official capacity, and four misdemeanors, violations of Government Code Sections 87100, participating in making a governmental decision in which he has a personal financial interest. Perez was arraigned on the charges today in Superior Court. A criminal investigation was initiated after a Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury report was issued in June 2009 concerning the Luther Burbank School District. The Grand Jury’s report identified potential criminal conduct by Perez.   The criminal complaint alleges that while a School Board Member, Perez voted in favor of giving Blach Construction Company millions of dollars in contracts for various school remodeling projects, while at the same time Perez was being paid as a subcontractor of Blach Construction. Since 2003, Perez was paid approximately $163,000 while working on three different Blach Construction projects under the name of Perez Woodworking. Perez failed to report the conflict to the public and failed to recuse himself from voting on the contracts.   Perez faces up to five years, eight months in prison and fines of up to $45,000, if convicted.   ###  

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