For release on March 11, 2019


Angela Alvarado
Community Prosecutor
(408) 792-2966


The Santa Cara County District Attorney’s Office this week released an online guide for county residents to educate themselves and their children about scams, sexting, predators and other pitfalls of the Internet.

Angela’s Guide to Internet Safety & Online Wellness” - a series of short videos - features Community Prosecutor Angela Alvarado. She covers such topics as your online reputation, sexting, and the difference between what is criminal online - and what is not. The videos are aimed at raising awareness for parents, school children, and teachers.

“Teaching digital responsibility and wellness has gained importance alongside other life skills such as eating healthy and regular exercise,” Community Prosecutor Alvarado said. “For better or for worse, there are real life consequences to our online choices.”

Community Prosecutor Alvarado has given numerous presentations on online wellness at local schools and organizations over several years. These online videos allow for anyone in the public to access advice and tips to stay safe.

For example, she explains the importance of reporting and removing bullying content from the web, and lists strategies on how to do it.

Community Prosecutor Alvarado and other members of the Community Prosecution Unit are available to speak with schools and parents about questions regarding internet safety and wellness. For more information, please visit or email [email protected].

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