Mercury News: Trial Ordered for South Bay Track Coach Charged with Serially Abusing Female Athletes

SAN JOSE — A once-prominent South Bay track coach has been ordered to stand trial on charges that he serially preyed on and sexually abused underage female students, following witness testimony accusing him of wielding a “cult-like” hold over them and pressuring them into secrecy by leveraging their athletic futures.

Chioke “Chee” Robinson was the focus of a week-long preliminary examination that concluded Monday with Judge Julia Alloggiamento determining there is enough evidence for trial.

“He groomed them, he manipulated them, he controlled them, he ruined them … These young women whose futures were stolen by the defendant,” Santa Clara County prosecutor Anne Seery said in court. “He took a lot of their virginities, he took their honesty, their trust, and many of them didn’t even get to run again because he destroyed the one thing that was going to get them to a better place. This is not a man who just had a lone mistake.”


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