Woman Charged with Hate Crime at Mountain View Starbucks

For release on June 2, 2022


Norma DeSantiago
Deputy District Attorney
North County Office

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Woman Charged with Hate Crime at Mountain View Starbucks

A 33-year-old woman was charged with a hate crime after she hurled racial epithets at a manager and physically attacked a customer at a Mountain View Starbucks – all while telling them that they should “go back to your country.”

The woman, Daixin Neill Quan, also tried to attack a female child, before the child’s father intervened and police responded.

Quan was charged with a misdemeanor hate crime. She faces jail time, if convicted. Her arraignment is today at 1:30 p.m. in Department 84 of the Palo Alto Courthouse.

“Hate crimes are sad and senseless,” DA Jeff Rosen said. “We stand in solidarity with our community against all hatred and will prosecute anyone who crosses the criminal line.”

Around 4 p.m. on May 28, Quan entered a Starbucks in Mountain View and began yelling, without provocation, at the manager - an Indian male - that he [the manager] “should go back to your country” and that the defendant would have him “deported back to Mexico.”

Quan then turned her attention to a 32-year-old Hispanic female victim, after she heard the victim speak with an accent. Quan told the victim, she too, should go back to her country. Next, Quan began recording the victim with her phone, telling her she would send the video to the Army and Border Patrol. When the victim tried to stop Quan from recording her, Quan attacked her. Quan struck her 7 to 10 times with both hands, using open and closed fists. The victim suffered scratches on her neck, wrist, and the side of her face.  

Patrons at the popular coffee spot on San Antonio Road had to intervene and pull Quan away from the victim. Thereafter, Quan turned her attention towards a Hispanic family in the business. She also told them “You don’t belong here,” then advanced towards the family’s female child as if trying to attack the child. The father stepped in and placed himself between Quan and his daughter.  




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