Podcast: Episode 10

Today at the West Wing Companion we are facing up to trauma. It is certainly a fraught subject and that seems to be part of the problem. We’ll talk to Chief Investigator Pete Oliver about personal, professional trauma. How does a police officer, a DA investigator, prosecutor deal with a job in which they have their hands and their minds inside of horrific crimes? How do you process seeing a domestic violence murder, and then go home and have dinner with your family? How do you deal with society’s darkest moments virtually every day? And then how do you process the every day tragedies that all of us endure? Depression. Divorces. Deaths. And we’ll talk with District Attorney Jeff Rosen about a trauma that is both deeply personal and deeply national. How does our country reconcile with its racist past? How does an office dedicated to justice confront it’s own biases that are right here, right now, at the height of a national debate about American racism? The DA traveled to the deep south along with local clergy and civil rights activists. What did he find in Montgomery, Alabama?




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