Amy Cornell, Public Information Officer   CONTACT PERSON:
Amy Cornell, Public Information Officer
(408) 792-2997   For release on December 14, 2010     NO SUSPECTS AFTER EXHAUSTIVE INVESTIGATION BY DISTRICT ATTORNEY’S OFFICE INTO FRAUDULENT CARRASCO ELECTION FLYERS   After an extensive investigation, the District Attorney’s Office was not able to determine the identity of the person or persons who created and/or distributed the flyer suggesting that Magdalena Carrasco had connections to the Vietnamese Communist Party. Flyers were distributed to District 5 residents in San Jose.   The investigation was assigned to two investigators from our Bureau of Investigations and a Supervising Deputy District Attorney with expertise in Government Integrity cases. Over the course of the last months, dozens of people have been interviewed, additional flyers have been collected by canvassing the relevant neighborhoods, and these flyers have been analyzed. We have spent hundreds of hours trying to determine the source of the flyer.   Unfortunately, the investigation did not uncover any concrete evidence that points to a particular person as the one who created and/or distributed the flyer. Consequently, the investigation is closed. However, if we receive any credible new information, we will follow up on it immediately.   ###

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