George Kennedy, District Attorney

Karyn Sinunu, Assistant District Attorney
(408) 792-2702   For Release on June 9, 2003.   PEOPLE V. RAHSSON GERMAINE BOWERS AND QUEDELLIS RICARDO WALKER   Reinvestigation causes me to believe Quedellis Ricardo Walker was framed by acquaintances for a 1991 murder he did not commit.  I intend to urge the Santa Clara County Superior Court to issue a writ of habeas corpus freeing Walker.  When notified of this belief, Santa Clara County Superior Court Supervising Criminal Judge Kevin Murphy immediately ordered Walker produced in court from prison to be own-recognizance released pending procedural necessities.    After habeas is granted, my focus will be on working with his attorney to further do what I reasonably can to narrow the wide gap between justice and what happened to this man.   I urge concerned persons and all able others to help restore Mr. Walker.    Attorney Alison Tucher of Morrison & Foerster deserves the credit for causing us to reinvestigate the matter.  I admire her; she is a hero.   I reassigned the case to Assistant D.A. Karyn Sinunu and D.A. Investigators Dave Rimer and Ray Medved.  Both Rimer and Medved are very experienced homicide detectives who were previously with the San Jose and Santa Clara police departments, respectively.  They believe witnesses against Walker were untruthful.  Some witnesses have changed their recounting of events.  Our crime lab has also done additional testing which, while not dispositive of Walker’s innocence, tends to support Rimer’s and Medved’s conclusions.   Although the Santa Clara County D.A.’s Innocence Project provides free DNA testing to any person convicted in Santa Clara County who thinks (s)he is innocent and DNA testing will prove it, all such testing and reinvestigations have heretofore only confirmed guilt of persons convicted in this county.  Some charges have been dismissed against innocent persons prior to conviction.  

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