Narcotics Unit

The Narcotics Unit consists of a number of specialized units.

The ADA (Anti-Drug Abuse) Unit consists of attorneys who work with the County Narcotics Task force and with a specialized unit within San Jose Police Department. These units focus on street level dealers throughout the county.

The Asset Forfeiture Unit handles all cases dealing with seized drug proceeds. This can include cars, money, jewelry and homes.(see Asset Forfeiture Unit)

The Drug Treatment Court Team works in collaboration with the Courts, the Offices of the Public and Alternate Defender, Probation, the Department of Mental Health, the Department of Public Health, the Department of Alcohol and Drug Services, and the Department of Corrections in order to staff specialized courts to work towards effective drug treatment for addicts prosecuted in the county. We have created three drug court systems. First, are courts designed to implement the treatment goals of Proposition 36. Second, for those individuals whose addiction is greatest, or who pose the greatest risk to the public, or who have young children, we have our Drug Treatment Court. This is a very intensive program staffed by specially trained deputies who work collaboratively and under a Judge's direction in order to closely supervise the most hardcore addicts. The program is difficult and requires considerable time and effort, both by the addicts and by this Office, nonetheless the results are impressive. It has proven to be one of the most effective drug treatment programs in the country that has successfully reduces both drug use and crime. Third, there is a Dual Diagnoses Court. This program is designed for individuals who have been diagnosed with both a drug addiction and a significant mental health problem. This program works similarly to Drug Treatment Court, but it attempts to take the individuals significant mental health problems into account.

The General Narcotics Felony Team consists of attorneys who handle court calendars with general court appearances and trials. These cases range from possession of narcotics to sales of narcotics.

The MNVP (Major Narcotic Vendor Prosecution) Unit handles high-level narcotics sales, possession for sale and manufacturing cases.

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