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Community Prosecution Unit

Juvenile Crime Prevention, Truancy Abatement, and Parent Education

Alicia at the job corp
Gun buy table back group picture
Man handing out food

(Left to Right) Community Prosecutor Alisha Schoen collaborates with San Jose Job Corps to provide gently used suits from Deputy District Attorney’s to young job trainees. The Office collaborates with the San Jose Police Department and other partners on a Gun Buyback event at the Police Activities League (PAL) Stadium. Community Prosecutor Josue Fuentes gives out food at the Washington United Youth Center.

Since 1999, the Unit has worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the community and government partners to reduce juvenile crime in traditionally underserved communities to improve the quality of life for all residents. We strive to empower local communities to advocate for better public safety and coordinate law enforcement efforts to prevent and reduce crime. 

The Unit serves three primary functions:

Neighborhood Crime Prevention: 

Each Community Prosecutor is assigned to a particular ZIP code or area to build a technical team of law enforcement and government partners to work together to improve public safety and coordinate with local government and community based organizations in the effort.  Community Prosecutors are also assigned to work on Truancy Abatement in his or her area.

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Community Prosecutor Johnny Gogo greats students in Gilroy before a tour of the South County Morgan Hill Courthouse. The tour is part of the Law Related Education Program that brings 5th Graders to court for positive experience with Judges, DDA’s, and Law Enforcement.


Truancy Abatement:

Community Prosecutors work with the County Office of Education and local school districts to prevent truancy, primarily by holding DA Mediations and assisting with monthly School Accountability Resource Boards (SARB) hearings. Through these programs, Community Prosecutors educate parents and students about the legal requirements to attend school and the benefits of a high school diploma. The Office also operates the Informal Truancy Hearing Program for Habitual Truants. 

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Parent Education:

The Parent Project® is a 12-week program run by this Office since 2008 to give parents the tools to deal with their teenage children, whether they are at-risk or not, and help build strong families. Over 6,000 parents have gone through the program so far in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. 

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