Amy Cornell, Public Information Officer
(408) 792-2997   CONTACT PERSON:
Kenneth Rosenblatt, Supervising Deputy District Attorney
(408) 792-2572   For release on June 15, 2009   PROSECUTORS ACCUSE TARGET CORPORATION OF ILLEGALLY DUMPING HAZARDOUS WASTE AND HAZARDOUS MATERIALS   District Attorney Dolores A. Carr announced today that her Consumer and Environmental Protection Division has joined with the Office of the California Attorney General, as well as the offices of 19 other district attorneys and the Los Angeles City Attorney, in filing a civil law enforcement action against Target Corporation for unlawful management and disposal of hazardous waste at its California Target stores and distribution centers.  The complaint was filed today in Alameda County Superior Court.   The lawsuit alleges Target’s more than 200 California retail stores and distribution centers collectively handle substantial volumes of hazardous materials. These materials include bleaches, pool chlorine, pesticides, fertilizers, paints and varnishes, lamp oil and other ignitable liquids, aerosol products, oven cleaners and various other cleaning agents, automotive products and solvents, as well as other flammable and corrosive materials, some of which spill, break, expire or become damaged such that they cannot be sold or used.  The collective volume of hazardous waste generated by these facilities is significant and must be handled and disposed of in compliance with California law, to ensure that it does not endanger human health or the environment.  The lawsuit alleges that Target failed to do so for the past eight years throughout its stores statewide, as well as in Santa Clara County.    The lawsuit would require Target to immediately comply with California law and start using a licensed hazardous waste hauler to pick up the waste and transport it to a hazardous waste disposal facility.  Additionally, the lawsuit seeks $25,000 maximum penalties for each violation.   ###

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