CONTACT : Sam Giammona, Deputy District Attorney Fraud Unit (408) 792-2775   For release on May 11, 2012   SAN JOSE BUSINESSMAN CHARGED WITH FAKE THEFT OF PLAYBOY MOTORCYCLE   The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office has charged a San Jose businessman with faking the theft of a limited edition motorcycle that was once featured on the cover of the “Biker Babes” edition of Playboy magazine. Soheyl Tajik, 39, faces a count of insurance fraud, two counts of forgery and two counts of perjury. If convicted, he faces nine years in jail. His next court date is on May 30, 2012.   “Most insurance fraud cases are crimes of opportunity: an uninsured person buys insurance after an accident and then lies about the timing of the accident in the hopes that it will be covered,” prosecutor Sam Giammona said. “In this case, there is compelling evidence that this fraud was carefully planned, from the staging of the “theft” to the effort made after the “theft” to make it appear that he owned a motorcycle that belonged to someone else.’’   Tajik owned a high-end used car business called Stevens Creek Showcase, now bankrupted and closed.  On Jan. 14, 2009, he reported that someone broke into the dealership and stole his Chevrolet truck and a 1999 Titan motorcycle. The specialized edition of the bike was displayed on the cover of the August 1997 issue of the adult entertainment magazine. Also missing from the dealership was its hidden security system. Tajik filed insurance claims for both vehicles. He was paid for the truck.  He asked for $40,000 to recover the price of his prize motorcycle, claiming only 100 had ever been made.   According to the insurance company, the estimated value of the motorcycle was about $10,000. A District Attorney investigation determined Tajik never owned the motorcycle. After being tracked down, the true owner stated that he had given the motorcycle to Tajik to sell on consignment.   The CHP found the shell of the stolen truck, along with other stolen vehicles, at a suspected chop shop in Stanislaus County. The motorcycle remains missing. Tajik was charged on May 5, 2012.   ​

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