​For release on January 26, 2018

Lance Daugherty, Deputy District Attorney
Homicide Unit
(408) 792-2887    SAN JOSE FAMILY MEMBERS CHARGED WITH MURDER OVER CONFISCATED ID CARD    Six members of a San Jose family have been charged with murdering a bouncer last year over a confiscated identification card.   The defendants – two brothers, a sister, and three cousins - were indicted earlier this week by the criminal grand jury.   Santos Andrew Trevino, 22, Joseph Esquivel, 28, Percella Marissa Esquivel, 26, Aaron Ruben Vallejo, 25, Robert Anthony Ruiz, 33, and Andrew Ray Cervantes, 21, were each charged with murder and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon. Robert Ruiz was also charged with felony evading of a police officer. All defendants are expected to be arraigned at 1:30 p.m. in Department 23 of the Hall of Justice in San Jose. If convicted, they could face life in prison.   “This was a savage and senseless crime that took the life of a beloved member of our community,” prosecutor Lance Daugherty said. “Every murder is a tragedy. Sadly, Frank Navarro was stabbed to death over a confiscated ID, which would have cost $30 to replace.”     At 11:45 p.m., on February 25, 2017, a security guard working at the Tres Gringos bar on South Second Street confiscated an identification card from Joseph Esquivel. Joseph was using his younger brother, Santos Trevino’s identification card to get into the bar. Both Joseph and his sister, Percella, demanded the ID back. After the security guard told them they needed to contact the police if they wanted it back, they both walked away, and both made calls to their brother Santos. About 15 minutes later, a car pulled up outside of the bar, and the other four defendants got out and were seen speaking with Joseph and Percella. The group then walked up and confronted the security guard. After demanding the ID back, Santos and Joseph both punched the guard. Frank Navarro – the 35-year-old head of security – walked up to the group to try and defuse the situation. While he was talking to the group, he was attacked. Within seconds, Frank was stabbed five times, including once – fatally – in his neck. After the attack, Robert Ruiz and Aaron Vallejo fled in the car. The other four defendants left on foot. Ruiz and Vallejo were arrested by San Jose Police after a high-speed car chase, 15 minutes after the murder. The rest of the defendants were arrested within the following two weeks.   The incident outside of Tres Gringos was captured on the bar’s security video.                          # # #

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