​For release on May 4, 2012   CONTACT PERSON: David Pandori, Deputy District Attorney Gangs Unit (408) 792-2831   SAN JOSE GANG LEADER “CAPONE” SENTENCED TO LIFE FOR VIOLENT KIDNAPPING   May 4, 2012 – After prosecution by the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office, the leader of a criminal street gang in San Jose was sentenced today to 223 years to life, and a separate 112 year sentence, for the violent kidnapping of a man who failed to pay for a delivery of methamphetamine.   Saragoza Santos Sanchez, 32, who went by the street name of “Capone,” was convicted on December 15, 2011 for kidnapping, robbery, felony assault and death threats.   “Criminal street gangs try to spread drugs and fear,” District Attorney Jeff Rosen said. “This successful prosecution is but one example of police officers, prosecutors, and our community working together to protect our neighborhoods."   Sanchez organized a Nuestra Familia criminal gang regiment shortly after being released from prison in 2008. The Nuestra Familia (NF) is a violent prison gang with criminal operations that reach far outside of prison walls. Sanchez’ NF regiment began selling methamphetamine on the streets. But when one of the gang’s network of designated sellers didn’t pay for drugs that had been advanced to him, Sanchez directed gang members to track him down. “Capone” wanted to make an example of him.   Trying to track the seller down, the gang burglarized a home and attempted to commit a home invasion robbery. Sanchez also ordered the kidnapping of another man who was then used to lure the seller in. On Jan. 15, 2009, NF gang members snatched the victim as he walked out of a Fry’s Store in Campbell. The kidnappers forced the victim into a vehicle. They beat, robbed and threatened to kill him. While being driven to east San Jose, the victim escaped from the moving minivan on Capitol Expressway. Passing motorists called 911 when they saw the victim tumble out. The van fled the scene before police and paramedics arrived.   Even before his latest arrest, Sanchez was a Three-Strikes defendant. He had eluded a life sentence in a prior case, when two of his three prior strikes were set aside under the court’s discretion. Led by Campbell Police Detective Dan Livingston, the kidnapping case was investigated in a joint effort with the San Jose Police Department.


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