​For release on December 9, 2016   CONTACT:
Quinn Nichols, Deputy District Attorney
A San Jose man will be sentenced Monday for drunkenly crashing his SUV last year into multiple cars on a busy East San Jose road before he sped 70 mph through a red light and into the side of a Volkswagen. The driver, the father of a young girl, was killed instantly.   After the fatal collision tossed the 36-year-old victim’s Volkswagen almost 100 feet down the road, Carlos Villalobos stumbled out of his Ford Expedition, smelling of alcohol. He said to a witness: “I know I’m not going home tonight; can I lay on your car?”   Villalobos, 20, pleaded as charged in September to gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. The Hon. Socrates Manoukian could sentence him up 10 years in prison or as little as probation for the felony. The sentencing will be held at 9 a.m. in Department 41 of the Hall of Justice in San Jose.   “A wife is now forever without her husband. A young girl now forever is without her father,” prosecutor Quinn Nichols said. “We hope that the judge will take into account this defendant’s fatal recklessness. It is only pure chance, and hardly a consolation, that more people where not badly injured or killed by his decision to drive after drinking that day.”   On the night of December 21, 2015, Villalobos was driving on East Capitol Expressway when he struck a Nissan driven by a man with his young son as a passenger. Villalobos sped away from the accident. Soon afterward he struck another Nissan, and again sped away. Speeding at 50 mph down a residential street, he struck two parked and unoccupied trucks, and sped way. When he finally struck Carlos Manrique-Torres on the driver’s side of his Volkswagen Beetle, he was speeding with one of his tires stripped down to the rim. His SUV continued traveling and struck another occupied vehicle. His blood alcohol content was more than twice the legal limit more than an hour after the last crash.   It was later determined that Villalobos was driving that day on a license that had been suspended for driving with an excessive blood alcohol content.   # # #

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