Jeffrey F. Rosen, District Attorney  CONTACT PERSON:
John Chase, Deputy District Attorney
Public Integrity Unit
408-792-2595   For release on October 4, 2011   SAN JOSE POLICE OFFICERS MARCO YBARRA AND MANUEL VILLAGRANA CHARGED WITH THEFT OF FUNDS FROM THE SAN JOSE CHAPTER OF THE NATIONAL LATINO PEACE OFFICERS ASSOCIATION   Today, following an extensive nine-month investigation by the San Jose Police Department, the District Attorney’s Office filed a criminal complaint charging both San Jose Police Officer Marco Ybarra and former San Jose Police Officer Manuel Villagrana with one count of felony grand theft of funds from the San Jose chapter of the National Latino Peace Officers Association (“NLPOA”). An investigative committee formed by the NLPOA’s state governing board brought this complaint to the San Jose Police Department after its internal investigation revealed financial irregularities.   From 2005 to 2006, when Ybarra was the treasurer of the San Jose chapter, he withdrew cash totaling $19,900 from the NLPOA’s credit union account for his personal benefit without justification. During this same period of time, Ybarra also issued himself two $10,000 checks drawn on NLPOA funds, which Ybarra deposited into his personal bank account. From 2007 to 2009, when Villagrana was the president of the San Jose chapter, he withdrew cash totaling $83,900 from the NLPOA’s account for his personal benefit without justification.   The NLPOA is a national non-profit organization with separate chapters in many cities that seeks primarily to eliminate discrimination and improve citizen relations in the criminal justice system, particularly with respect to law enforcement. The NLPOA attempts to achieve this goal by engaging in political activism, such as endorsing candidates for public office, and charitable endeavors, such as awarding scholarships to minority students. In order to conduct these activities, the NLPOA chapters raise money by soliciting donations from individuals and corporations, hosting fundraising events, and collecting annual dues from its members.   ###    ​

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