Jeffrey F. Rosen, District Attorney   CONTACT PERSON:
Michelle Speth, Administrative Secretary
(408) 792-2705   For release on February 15, 2011     SANTA CLARA COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY ANNOUNCES FORMATION OF COLD CASE UNIT   Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen has re-established a Cold Case Unit, to assist county law enforcement agencies with the investigation of unsolved homicides and sexual assaults. This move follows his promise to make such a unit, a “top priority” in his new administration, and comes less than fifty days after taking office.   The mission of the District Attorney’s Cold Case Unit is to assist all county law enforcement agencies in bringing violent offenders to justice. Toward this goal, the District Attorney has asked every county law enforcement agency for access to unsolved murder and sexual assault cases in order to assist with locating and submitting biological evidence, interviewing witnesses, and conducting a comprehensive case evaluation. Mr. Rosen, as well as Santa Clara County Sheriff and the Chiefs of Police, have signed a Cold Case Partnership and Cooperation Agreement.   The County Crime Lab also joined this partnership, and made a commitment to handle DNA in an expedited fashion. This commitment will assure that laboratory backlogs will not cause further delays for family members and loved ones who have often waited years for justice.
Mr. Rosen has chosen veteran prosecutor, Ted Kajani, to head the new unit. Before coming to the Office in 1994, Mr. Kajani served as a California Deputy Attorney General. While at the District Attorney’s Office, Mr. Kajani has focused primarily on prosecuting sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking and murder cases.   Mr. Rosen has also named Nate Wandruff as the Cold Case Unit Criminal Investigator. Investigator Wandruff has been with the District Attorney’s Office since 2009; he is an experienced detective and highly skilled interrogator. He was with the Mountain View Police Department for eleven years before coming to the District Attorney’s Office.   ###

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