FROM: Amy Cornell, Public Information Officer   CONTACT PERSON: Stan Voyles, Deputy District Attorney (408) 792-2735   For release on August 25, 2008   SANTA CLARA COUNTY PSYCHIC PLEADS GUILTY TO GRAND THEFT CHARGES, JUST ONE DAY BEFORE HER TWO DAUGHTERS- IN- LAW ARE ARRESTED FOR SIMILAR SCAMS   56-year old Lola Miller pleaded guilty last week to two counts of grand theft, for a psychic/fortune teller scam. The terms of the plea bargain include that she would receive a state prison sentence of 5 years if she pays no restitution, 3 years if she pays at least $150,000 and 2 years if she pays the full amount, which is approximately $400,000.    The charges alleged that Lola Miller obtained almost $450,000 from a San Jose woman between August 2004 and March 2005.  After reading the victim’s fortune, Miller told the victim that she and some of her family members were cursed, and that she needed to pay money to have the evil cleansed.  She also verbally threatened the victim. The victim gave Miller about $350,000 in cash and another $95,000 in goods and services. The victim has died of cancer since the crime was committed, and her husband has said he will contribute any restitution received to cancer research.    Both of Lola Miller’s daughters-in-law were arrested last week for committing similar fortune telling/psychic scams. District Attorney Investigator Dennis Brookins arrested 23-year old Danielle Miller in a San Jose motel room when she came there to do a “cleansing” on a victim.  Danielle Miller had already taken $36,000 from that victim by convincing her that she was cursed and needed to be cleansed. Danielle Miller had instructed the victim to bring an additional $48,000 to the motel room at the time of her arrest. Danielle Miller was booked for grand theft by false pretenses and burglary. She will be arraigned today at 2pm, and she remains in custody with no bail.   Also arrested was 27-year old Lisa Miller, after Danielle Miller called her to come pick up Danielle’s children.  When she arrived, Lisa Miller was arrested on a no-bail warrant arising from her theft of $108,000 from a victim in 2005.  In that case, Lisa Miller had also convinced the victim that she was cursed and needed cleansing. Lisa Miller is charged with grand theft in an amount over $65,000. She was arraigned on Friday, and she is currently in custody with no bail. Lisa Miller will be back in court for a plea on Wednesday at 2pm.  

If you or anyone you know has given money to Danielle or Lisa Miller, please contact District Attorney Investigator Dennis Brookins at (408) 792-2851, or your local law enforcement agency.




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