​For release on March 25, 2016   CONTACT:
Michael Vidmar, Deputy District Attorney
Regional Auto Theft Task Force Unit
(408) 792-2489   SANTA CLARA POLICE OFFICER CHARGED WITH POSSESSION OF STOLEN SPORTS CAR ENGINES   A veteran Santa Clara police officer has been charged with felonies, after an investigation discovered that he was storing more than $75,000 worth of stolen sports car parts in a garage.   Tyson Green, 41, of Los Gatos, had been trying to sell some of the Chevrolet Camaro parts on craigslist, when a suspicious customer turned him in.   Green faces a maximum of over 5 years in prison if he is convicted of operating a chop shop, receiving stolen property, and possession of stolen property. He was arrested today.   “Auto thefts are plaguing our area, directly affecting the owners and indirectly affecting insurance rates for everyone in the state,” prosecutor Michael Vidmar said. “It is deeply disappointing that a member of law enforcement chose to participate in this crime.”   The crime came to light when a local man attempted to buy a Chevrolet Camaro engine from a seller listing on craigslist. The knowledgeable customer suspected that the parts were stolen and reported his suspicions to law enforcement. An investigation by the Sherriff’s multi-agency Regional Auto Theft Task Force showed that Green was using a San Jose garage to stow four Camaro engines – each worth more than $15,000 - and a dozen car computers. The parts came from cars that had been stolen over the last two years from all over the Bay area. The vehicle identification numbers on the engines had been partially destroyed.   Green, who has been on the force 14 years, is on administrative leave.   # # #

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