For release on January 17, 2014

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A 48-year-old San Jose man was charged today with multiple counts of arson, suspected of
setting thirteen fires that damaged or destroyed homes, commercial buildings, a church
classroom and other downtown structures – all in less than a week.

Patrick William Brennan was arraigned today at 1:30 p.m. in Department 23 of the Hall of
Justice in San Jose on 10 felony counts of arson and three counts of felony attempted arson. If
convicted, Brennan would face multiple life terms. Held without bail, the defendant’s next court
date is scheduled for February 6.

“The San Jose Police and Fire departments’ investigation and the speedy and safely accomplished
arrest of this dangerous suspect allowed this city to sleep soundly again,” District
Attorney Jeff Rosen said. “The fires have been put out, and now this Office will do its job to
ensure that justice is done.’’

The early morning arsons began on January 8, 2014. The fires were set over five consecutive
nights, including five during a single night. Overall damage has been estimated at more than $6
million. Six of the buildings were occupied when the fires were set.

With the help of witnesses, San Jose police identified Brennan as a suspect. He was arrested on
the morning of January 15 at his home, which was within walking distance of all of the arsons.

Anyone with information about Brennan or the charged crimes may contact law enforcement by
calling Silicon Valley Crime Stoppers at (408) 947-STOP.


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