For release on October 9, 2013

Lance Daugherty
Supervising Deputy District Attorney
Gang Unit

  Triple L Street Gang Members and Associate Convicted of Murder

After a six month trial, six members and one associate of a criminal street gang known as the Triple Ls (or Los Latinos Locos) were convicted on October 8, 2013 of the murder of 19 year-old Adrian Medina.

Triple L gang members attacked Medina, who died from multiple blows to the head by a baseball bat as well as more than 20 stab wounds. Evidence at trial showed that Medina was not a gang member and did nothing to provoke the attack. The murder took place during the early morning hours of July 8, 2007 near the intersection of Brigadoon Way and Camperdown Way in San Jose.

Defendants David Ayala and Carlos Valdez were convicted of first degree murder and gang charges. The five other defendants -- Ediberto Cabrera, David Arthur Estrada, Alex Cruz Garcia, Samuel Michael Razo, and Angel Benito Zamora – were convicted of second degree murder and gang charges. All defendants, except David Estrada, were charged and convicted of gang-related assaults on Medina’s friends who attempted to come to his aid when he was attacked. Estrada was not charged with those crimes because he was arrested and charged in 2011 and could no longer be prosecuted for the related attacks.

Evidence at trial showed that the gang members crashed a house party in the neighborhood where the gang was active. Medina was attacked outside the home by Triple L gang members when he had left momentarily and was walking back to the party house.

Evidence at trial showed that in 2007 the Triple Ls were a violent street gang, active in the Evergreen area, particularly in the vicinity of Brigadoon Park near Silver Creek High School.

The trial was one of the largest murder trials in Santa Clara County history. Over 950 prospective jurors were questioned in the jury selection process. The presentation of evidence began in May and concluded at the end of September. Over 100 witnesses testified in the case and the jury received more than 200 exhibits, including recorded interviews, DNA evidence and several hundred photographs.

The jury deliberated three and half days before returning verdicts finding the defendants guilty on all charges. Valdez and Ayala now face a sentence of 25 years to life for Medina’s murder and the remaining defendants face sentences of 15 to life. In addition, the defendants convicted of attacks on Medina’s friends face additional prison time ranging from 12 to 28 years. Sentencing is not expected to take place until January, 2014.

Deputy District Attorney David Pandori prosecuted the case. The successful prosecution was the product of an outstanding, intensive and multi-year investigation by the San Jose Police Department, led by Detectives Mike Knox and John Seaman. In addition, the Santa Clara County crime lab completed work linking several defendants to the crime via DNA evidence.


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