Stephen Gibbons, Assistant District Attorney   CONTACT PERSON:
Stan Voyles, Deputy District Attorney
(408) 792-2735   For release on July 12, 2004     TWO SISTERS, THE OWNERS OF LEGAL CLINICS, CHARGED WITH MULTIPLE FELONIES FOR EMBEZZLING FROM CLIENTS AND ACCEPTING KICKBACKS   As a result of an investigation by the California Department of Insurance Fraud Division and the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office Urban Auto Task Force, two sisters, Ellen Nguyen a.k.a. Diem Mong Nguyen (age 39) owner and operator of Evergreen Legal Services, and Genny Nguyen a.k.a. Trang Nguyen (age 31) owner and operator of North Valley Legal Services, were indicted on multiple felonies by the Grand Jury. Also indicted were Jonathan Tri Lien (age 35), a chiropractor  from Tully Family Chiropractic, Lenard Linh Nguyen (age 41) a chiropractor with Dynamic and Natural Chiropractic, and Patrick Lam (age 31), all of San Jose.   Ellen Nguyen was charged with 31 counts of violating Penal Code Sec. 484-487(grand theft), 6 counts of violating Insurance Code Sec. 750 (capping, or paying for the referral of legal clients), and 42 counts of violating Business and Professions Code Section 650 (paying or receiving consideration from a chiropractor for referring clients). Lien was charged with 14 counts of paying kickbacks for referring clients.  Patrick Lam, a capper, was charged with one count of capping. Genny Nguyen was indicted on 15 counts of grand theft, 6 counts of  capping, 25 counts of  receiving kickbacks for referring clients, and one count of destroying or concealing evidence. The same indictment charged Lenard Nguyen with 25 counts of paying kickbacks for referring clients.   Ellen and Genny Nguyen operated Evergreen Legal Services together until Genny left to start North Valley Legal Services in early 2002.  Both businesses solicited clients to file personal injury claims against automobile insurance companies. Almost all claims were small and involved treatment by chiropractors.   The grand theft charges against both Ellen and Genny Nguyen involve their embezzling funds from their clients’ insurance settlements.  The sisters stole over $120,000 between 2002 and 2003.   The kickback charges arose from Evergreen’s and North Valley’s scheme of making chiropractors pay for patient referrals. In addition to other consideration, the chiropractors were required to pay Ellen and Genny Nguyen 30% cash of what they received from the insurance companies.  The Nguyens received over $155,000 in kickback payments. The capping charges resulted from the practice by Evergreen and North Valley of paying for the referral of legal clients.   ###

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