Amy Cornell, Public Information Officer   CONTACT PERSON:
Lisa Schon, Deputy District Attorney
Consumer Protection Unit
(408) 792-2511   For release on March 29, 2010     UNLICENSED CONTRACTOR CONVICTED OF DIVERSION OF CONSTRUCTION FUNDS AND CONTRACTING WITHOUT A LICENSE   Peter Be, age 42, was convicted of four felony counts of Diversion of Construction Funds and a misdemeanor of Contracting Without a License. Be was CEO of Beohana Solar Corporation, a company advertising for the sale and installation of solar systems. Many homeowners were lured by Be’s advertisement for a unique way to receive a “Free Solar Program” to qualified homeowners. The advertising claimed that after a 12 year lease term, the solar system was “FREE.” After paying huge deposits, the homeowners were given a written contract which stated in small print that the solar systems were not free at the end of the lease, but the homeowners were required to pay for the equipment at fair market value. Be failed to return many deposits or install the homeowners’ equipment. Be also represented himself as a licensed contractor, which he was not.   District Attorney Dolores Carr said, “We acknowledge and appreciate the hard work of the Contractor’s State Licensing Board officials in their thorough investigation of this case, which was crucial in bringing justice to consumers who became victims of Mr. Be’s crimes.”   Peter Be was sentenced last week to 8 months in county jail and ordered to pay restitution of $178,146.90 to the victims.   ###  

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