Mercury News: San Jose: Man gets 47-year prison sentence in murder of community matriarch ‘Miss Flo’

SAN JOSE — The man who killed a beloved Black matriarch more than seven years ago is set to spend nearly a half-century in prison following his sentencing earlier this month on a murder conviction, authorities and family members announced.

Zachary Omar Cuen, 26, received a 47-year prison sentence at a Jan. 12 court hearing attended by family and friends of 88-year-old Floavis “Miss Flo” Douglas. A longtime community leader and mentor, Douglas was viciously assaulted by Cuen during an infamous Sept. 12, 2016 home invasion robbery at her home in San Jose’s east foothills.

Cuen pleaded to murder, robbery and burglary charges in August. His sentence consists of a 25-years-to-life term for the murder conviction, with an additional 22 years for the remaining crimes. Sentencing enhancements were added based on the severity and nature of the crime.


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