If you were the victim of a crime, and your offender has been convicted, you might be eligible for restitution.

Our Restitution Specialists can assist you in obtaining court ordered restitution from offenders. If you have been contacted by a Specialist, they will help you complete the necessary forms to insure that you have every opportunity to collect your restitution. Crime victims may also be eligible to apply with the California Victim Compensation Program.

Eligible losses might include:

  • Medical Expenses, including mental health and counseling costs
  • Lost wages or profits due to injury
  • Replacement value of stolen or damaged items
  • Attorney fees
  • Interest at 10% per year
  • Any loss demonstrated to be directly related to the crime.

For more information on restitution services available through the District Attorney’s Office, please email the Restitution Unit or call (408) 792- 2599. If you would like more information about the California Victim Compensation Program, or need assistance filling out forms, please email the Victim Services Unit or call at (408) 295-2656 to speak to a representative.

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