DA “Bend the Arc” Grants will go to Groups Fighting Racial Injustice

For release on April 20, 2021


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DA “Bend the Arc” Grants will go to Groups Fighting Racial Injustice

The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office will give out $50,000 in “Bend the Arc” grants this year to local organizations who are working against racial injustice.

The money, given out in grants worth up to $5,000, will be funded from the DA’s Asset Forfeiture Fund. That money comes from illegally obtained cash and assets seized from drug dealers and criminal street gangs. The rules to apply for the grants are posted here​ Winners will be announced on June 18, 2021 to celebrate Juneteenth.

"Bend the Arc" Grant flyer in English

“Criminals drain our community. They take lives, property, security, and millions in taxpayers' money spent cleaning up their destruction,” District Attorney Jeff Rosen said. “We want to give that money back to the people and groups who are the disproportionate victims of these crimes and are struggling alongside of us to make Santa Clara more just for all.”

The DA announced the idea of the grants last summer along with a series of 25 other social justice reforms his Office has or is implementing in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. The reforms are intended to address racial discrimination and promote equity within the criminal justice system. Among the reforms, DA Rosen announced that he would no longer seek the death penalty.

In the past, the DA’s Office has used asset forfeiture funds on a wide array of crime fighting measures, including:

  • Support of gang prevention activities
  • Support of community groups and projects focused on crime prevention
  • Training for Parent Project facilitators
  • Technology and equipment



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